Biomimicry Immersion - Course Three of Three

Biomimicry Immersion - Course Three of Three
Guided Experience

Biomimicry Immersion - Course Three of Three

Join us in the world-renowned Kruger National Park discover the genius of nature in the African bushveld through the lens of biomimicry.

Sep 29, 2020
October 3, 2020
29 September 2020
Five Day Expedition
Kruger Park, Nsasani Trust, Skukuza Science Leadership Initiative Centre. South Africa.
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Immersion Description

Join us in the world-renowned Kruger National Park discover the genius of nature in the African bushveld through the lens of biomimicry. This 5-day expedition takes you into the heart of the African bushveld for an African safari with a difference. Explore the genius of nature in the Kruger National Park, based in Skukuza. Be guided through the expedition by Biomimicry Professional, Claire Janisch, local expert guides from Nsasani Trust, and a specialist biomimicry nature guide, Sam Chevalier.

Expedition Information

Lead Facilitator: Claire Janisch. Topics and Activities include: Exploring the genius of the African bushveld through guided experiences and deep observation activities including bushveld walks, as well as day and night game drives; Lectures from a professional biomimic and local field guides who share their extraordinary knowledge from the practical to the profound; Learn from (rather than just about) local organisms and ecosystems; Learn and/or expand on the basics of biomimicry thinking and practice; Discover the implications of the deep patterns in nature from the micro to the macro; Work together to apply your creative imagination to relevant design challenges, translating your discoveries to the re-imagining of our world; Soak up the African bushveld while at the same time, being inspired by the hope and genius encapsulated in biomimicry.

The Biomimicry Platform

(1) Life has been evolving on earth for over 3.8 billion years. (2) In this time, nature and the organisms within have solved every design challenge that humans could ever need to solve and can provide the inspiration for better and more sustainable ways of doing. (3) Life creates conditions conducive to life. (4) All things in nature adapt to changing conditions. (5) All things in nature are locally attuned and responsive. (6) All things in nature use life-friendly chemistry. (7) All things in nature are efficient with materials & energy. (8) All things in nature integrate development with growth. (9) All things in nature evolve to survive. (10) Humans can design societies and systems that thrive by learning from nature in three ways: by emulating natural systems, through adopting nature’s ethos and/or by (re)connecting with our own nature.


Course 1 - Systems Thinking [ZAR 5000]; Course 2 - Deep Ecology [ZAR 6000]; Course 3 - Biomimicry [ZAR 16,600]; Course 1 & 2 - [ZAR 10,000]; Course 2 & 3 - [ZAR 19,000]; All 3 Courses - [ZAR 22,0000]

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