Ecological Presencing - Three Course Overview

Ecological Presencing - Three Course Overview
Guided Experience

Ecological Presencing - Three Course Overview

Disconnecting to Connect: Join us in the world-renowned Kruger National Park to discover the genius of nature in the African bushveld through the lens of Systems Thinking, Deep Ecology and Biomimicry.

Sep 23, 2020
October 3, 2020
24 September 2020
10 day experience for all three courses
Kruger Park, Nsasani Trust, Skukuza Science Leadership Initiative Centre. South Africa.
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“When we look deep into nature we understand everything better” - Einstein. As we emerge from a very intense period of isolation, we are confronting aspects of our social and physical ecology previously underestimated, including the degree to which humans need humans and a healthy environment for a thriving economy. In addition to COVID-19, a number of other global issues are dominating the news that seem to be calling us to a place of reflection and introspection with regards to how we operate in the world. Many feel that a new order is evolving, but for that to be true we have to be active participants in creating the emerging future, which requires that we first look deeply into what it is that we truly need for our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our planet. Nature provides a reflective, grounded, and sense-making space that can lead to both the deep connection and innovation needed for positive results in our everyday lives. This course is designed to help people access those connections, their deeper purpose, and creativity in a way that inspires action and change in response to these challenging times while providing access to the sights, smells, and sounds of the African bush.

Expedition Information

This 10 day expedition takes you into the heart of the African bushveld for an African safari with a difference. The expedition will be run in 3 modules, including Systems Thinking, Deep Ecology and Biomimicry. We will begin by exploring how systems function ranging from the ecological to the social and personal systems we have created in our everyday lives with a particular focus on interconnectedness as we experience the Savanna bushveld. Workshop style sessions indoors will compliment our outdoor activities as we map systems and explore feedback and leveraging points. After this perspective shifting module, we will move into a place of deeper presencing with the Deep Ecology module. For 3 days we will camp next to a dry riverbed, as we slow down and tune our senses to nature and connect with wilderness through walking, observing, and tracking. The final 4 days will provide you with practical and innovative toolsets and mindsets going forward as you learn to apply Life's Principles in your own work and reconnect to the genius of design through biomimicry. This program has something for everyone whether you are in design, academia, the corporate world, or just looking to reconnect with nature after a stifling COVID-19 related lockdown. Choose to do one, two, or all three modules; joining for the full program will be a transformational experience designed to inspire you to Know, Be and Do in connection with earth’s natural systems. This expedition will be facilitated by professionals, Claire Janisch, Sam Chevallier, and Karen Vickers. Please see the individual experiences on our website for more information on each.

Location Information

The expedition will be based at the Skukuza Science Leadership Initiative (SSLI). The SSLI is an inspirational and sustainably-built learning space in the Kruger National Park. A flagship green building centre for the KNP, the facility not only enhances science, education and experiential learning opportunities but demonstrates to managers, tourists and students alike, the feasibility of low impact living by showcasing the ways in which design and materials can reduce our environmental footprint in all aspects of daily living. There is no better place to ensure that our advances in human development are achieved while bearing nature in mind than in South Africa’s premier natural destination itself.


Accommodation at the venue includes rooms with single beds or bunk beds and shared ablutions inside comfortable houses. Then there are also three wooden cottages with four single beds with access to outside toilets and showers. You can choose to stay here or book your own accommodation at Skukuza's main camp. Skukuza's main camp has camping and bungalow options available. All meals and diets are catered for by our amazing catering team and will be served at the Skukuza Science Leadership Centre.


Course 1 - Systems Thinking [ZAR 5000]; Course 2 - Deep Ecology [ZAR 6000]; Course 3 - Biomimicry [ZAR 16,600]; Course 1 & 2 - [ZAR 10,000]; Course 2 & 3 - [ZAR 19,000]; All 3 Courses - [ZAR 22,0000]

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