Per Olssen Gaia'd Breakfast Conversation

Per Olssen Gaia'd Breakfast Conversation
Guided Experience

Per Olssen Gaia'd Breakfast Conversation

Per describes system entrepreneurs – the kind of agency needed to strengthen human-nature connectedness, navigate tipping points and scale out positive impact innovation. He considers this agency in the breakdown of destructive systems, as well as in the emergence of (and deep scaling out) of life-oriented systems; the aim of all socio-ecological innovation being to ‘reboot’ systems ensuring they and we avoid critical thresholds and remain within the safe (and just) operating space defined by the planetary boundaries.

Feb 19, 2020
7AM for 8AM to 9:30AM
Duration: 1hour 30 minutes
Italos Café, Kildare Road, Newlands, Cape Town.
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A Gaia’d conversation with Genius of Life ( and ReWild. Diving into system entrepreneurs, navigating tipping points and scaling out positive impact. Hosted by Professor Per Olsson, lead for Resilience Science for Transformation, at Stockholm Resilience Centre.

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