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Why rewild?

We exist to identify and shine a light on solutions for a wilder world, from an environmental but also very much social perspective. Working with businesses, innovators and changemakers who value people, wildlife and our planet, we can collectively regenerate, restore and transform the world we live in. Our aim is to create a positive, large scale impact primarily through film, with further efforts in education and experiences.

"An immense and complex problem requires a collaborative approach, and we do not have all the answers, but we do have a question. Are we going to stand by and let this happen, or are we going to act together?"

ReWild was born out of the need to seek and find solutions to enable ecological restoration. Through our humble beginnings, connecting with influential characters, universities and organizations, our founders set off on a year-long journey to the wildest places in South Africa (which included every National Park) to map out our country’s best hiking trails.

It was along the grass spurs above the Transkei coastline, where the idea to find solutions to the state of our planet began as well as our desire to communicate these through film, experiences and education. We believe that deep experiences create deeper questioning, which in turn creates a deeper commitment, and it was through this deep experience that we created ReWild and our commitment to a wilder world began.
Our mission

Ecosystem loss is a deeply complex and systemic issue which requires that everyone plays their part in exploring and supporting solutions, both related to people and the environment. We strive to play our part by being a voice for the wild and these solutions, and encouraging a shared humanity between people and the rest of nature, where each can thrive.

We realise that our impact is not our own, but rather a direct output from the collaboration between ourselves and the companies, organisations and individuals we work with – the solutionaries. We therefore strive to work with like-minded clients to create an opportunity for positive, large-scale and knock-on effects through collaboration and innovation.

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Through this head, hands and heart approach, transformational learning begins with a holistic approach to a green new world.


Who speaks
for the wild ones?

Who unequivocally stands for the wild, represents nature and bridges the connection between humanity, wildlife and our team at ReWild?

Elvi does.

Elvi is an important director and part of our team who ensures that all decisions are made with integrity and consideration for all who stand to be affected. Elvi stands for all things wild and, as a keystone species, is pivotal to the way both the natural ecosystem, as well as our own internal ecosystem, functions.

Meet the ReWilders

Alistair Daynes

Alistair began his entrepreneurial journey in Cape Town, after a year long assignment as the Lead Google Trekker, tasked with showcasing 180+ of South Africa’s top hiking trails. He holds a Bachelor of Science to his name, and his philosophy of “do what you love, do what you’re good at, and do what the world needs” has always stood him in good stead. His passion weaves research, art and storytelling, into the science of storytelling, helping build the foundation ReWild. Today Alistair advises ReWild on business operations and finances. He is the leader of Learn Biomimicry and a Venture Partner at Kinjani - assisting 30+ founders in the climate-tech and nature-tech space in Cape Town… and he is always on the mission to support solutions to ecological restoration.


Elvi is the voice of the wild in ReWild, and part of our team to ensure that all decisions are made with integrity and with consideration for our natural world.

Sam Chevallier
Systems Ecology | Restoration & Rewilding | Design Thinker

Sam is a specialist biomimicry nature guide, filmmaker, and design thinker. His passion stems from his interest to explore and have deep and meaningful experiences in the natural world. He strongly believes that experiencing the world around you is the fastest way to better understand your place within it. His interest in Sustainability and Ecology led him to train as a field guide, work as an environmental educator for the Cape Leopard Trust followed by a Masters degree in ecological design thinking from Schumacher College. During this time, he focused on learning ecological theory such as Biomimicry, Systems thinking, Deep Ecology and Restoration Economics. Within Rewild, his hard skills are in presenting wIldlife shows, Design Thinking, Facilitation and business development.

Alessandra Squarzon
Head of Post-Production
Creative Director

Alessandra leads film projects from concept development to final delivery. She oversees all production phases to ensure that client brief is met and production value is consistently taken to the next level. The choice of storytelling style is at the service of the story’s core messages. The visual treatment of each film aims to be an immersive experience that engages the viewer into multi-layered narratives. Specialities: documentaries and branded content. KEY SKILLS - Concept Development; Producing; Directing; Cinematography; Photography; Post-Production processes: editing, colour, and sound design.

Liam Kelly

Liam’s approach to film is borne of an exciting career in brand development and content creation, across a variety of markets. Starting in 2011 at STA Travel, Liam was awarded the STA Travel World Explorer title, an opportunity which saw him developing content in over 90 cities all over the world in just 12 months. On returning to South Africa, he completed a Marketing and Brand Communication degree from AAA School of Advertising and began his career in film. After 5 years in the industry, Liam is now a Producer at ReWild Africa. ReWild provides Liam with a value-driven structure to inject his experience, passion and skills in the realm of producing, production management, brand development and filmmaking, for the betterment of the natural (and social) world that surrounds us.

Megan May Nelson
Head of Production
Lead Producer | Creative Director

Megan spent 10 years of your childhood living on a game reserve in Mpumalanga, South Africa - which is where her deep love for the natural world was formed. Her father, being a wildlife filmmaker, introduced her to life behind a lens, and she began to understand that film was a powerful tool to be able to share important and hopeful narratives with others. She studied Visual Arts and Multimedia, and very naturally moved into documentary filmmaking from there - working as an assistant director for a wildlife film production for a few years in the Greater Kruger Park and Kenya. She then moved back to Cape Town and joined the ReWild team, within an incredibly multidisciplinary role - from detailed producing work, all the way into creative editing.

Jessica Berliner
Researcher | Communication Designer | Biomimicry Practitioner

Jessica is a communication designer who is passionate about nature, research, and education. She holds a BTech degree in Graphic Design, and, owing to her insatiable curiosity, has supplemented her learning with various online courses. Since discovering the field of biomimicry in 2012, Jess has worked to become a certified Practitioner with a specialisation in how to communicate and teach this multidisciplinary field. Her career highlight thus far was to be in the role of Instructional Designer in the development of the first online biomimicry course produced in Africa! Jess loves to be outdoors and traveling, and can usually be found geeking out completely over some little plant, animal or phenomenon that she has just discovered. She also loves traveling, so her list of things to be amazed by never grows any shorter.

Justin Woods
Managing Director
Creative Director | Business Development

Justin's love for film-making came about through his travels in Asia after studying a Business Psychology degree at Stellenbosch University. Thereafter, he studied a year of film-making at SAE Institute in Cape Town where he learnt to combine his love for people and the art of film to create compelling authentic pieces that move the viewer. With over 4 years experience in filming and editing, as well as conducting hundreds of interviews all around the world and in many different industries, he has become a reliable and adaptable filmmaker - with an ability to draw out emotion in the work he creates.

Mattea Webster
Company Director
Producer | Business Development | Head of Finance

Mattea is passionate about co-produced narratives that shed light on alternative ways of being and knowing, and help us to imagine alternative socio-ecological landscapes through storytelling. With a background in Environmental Anthropology and Education for Sustainable Development, Mattea is driven by crafting impactful stories at the intersection of biodiversity, climate, and social justice. She grew up in the foothills of the Drakensberg, and then the conservation village of Scarborough, South Africa before making a move to New Zealand where she worked for a large environmental NGO. Her love for the natural world stems from these formative years spent close to nature, framing her perspective of the world. Mattea believes that stories can change the way we view the world, ourselves, and our relationships with the natural world.

Gareth Williams

Gareth’s passion for filmmaking started with his deep love for the ocean which ultimately led him to embark on a journey in documentary film making. He is dedicated to using his skills as a cinematographer, underwater filmmaker, editor and storyteller to make a positive impact on the natural world and communities across the globe. With over 7 years of experience in the industry, he developed a keen eye for capturing breathtaking visuals and weaving compelling narratives to bring awareness to important topics that deserve attention. His focus lies in creating films that not only entertain but also educate and inspire.

Carter Kirilenko
Film Director

Carter is a Film Director whose work focuses on sharing stories of human resilience in the face of the climate crisis. He studied Environment and Business at the University of Waterloo and built an interdisciplinary skill set while working in marketing, research and operations for Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and PepsiCo. Carter began to pursue film after recognizing its power to influence positive social change. Over the past three years, he's produced a diverse range of music videos, scripted shorts, and award winning environmental documentaries. Carter is currently Producing ReWild's original docuseries: Protectors.

Modise Tsiu
Assistant Editor

Modise is a dynamic change agent with a passion for sustainability. He completed a Diploma in Sustainable Development and is currently pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Development. His academic background enables him to have a unique perspective on solutions for a greener future. He believes in practicality in achieving meaningful change. From blogging experience to working in search engine optimisation, his experiences have equipped him with the necessary skills to be an effective marketer and communicator.

Ben Pama
Business Development
Producer | Production Coordinator

Ben’s passion for natural wonders stems from his roots in the Garden Route. Armed with a double major in Economics & Investment Management, coupled with his post-graduate studies in Sustainable Development, he attains a holistic understanding of complex issues, allowing a deeper connection to the projects and people he works with. Ben - selected as a CNN Academy Climate Storyteller - excels as a highly-adaptive team player, supporting the team within many functions of producing, marketing, production management, filming, research, and more notably focusing on business strategy. Ben’s unwavering commitment to impact ensures that authentic voices are not only heard, but amplified.

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We encourage our community to take action - whether it is reconnecting with themselves and with nature, or getting involved in social impact causes.

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