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REWILDER (noun): A ReWilder has a pure interest and passion as a storyteller; holds grit and determination; is a team player and believes in creating a wilder world.

See available positions below: 
(1) Producer

ReWild Africa is a mission driven company that shines a light on and supports ecological restoration solutions. 

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, our film department is made up of an experienced team of filmmakers that have over the last 5 years worked on projects with the likes of Google Maps, NASA, African Bush Camps, The Sun Exchange and BBC.

More recently, the company has made a decision to develop an independent film series Protectors which showcases the efforts of underrepresented conservationists around the world. We’re in the post production phase of the pilot episode, planning the second, and are in talks with a host of distribution companies and networks about funding and acquiring the first season. 

To spur on the growth of both our client related and independent work, ReWild is hiring an experienced hands on and mission-driven producer to work with us. 

Roles and Responsibilities Include: 

- Conceptualising and planning the successful production and release of films.
- Documenting this process both for internal and client / distribution partner use. 
- Leading communications with clients from the point of contractual signing onwards
- Leading communications with film distributors and networks.
- Managing all stakeholders within the film production process, to ensure successful delivery of client films. 
- Performing post-mortem analysis on each film produced, to ensure continual improvement is made. 
- Organising logistics for productions, including accommodation, flights, transport, fixers, visas and permits within budget frameworks.
- Having a clear understanding of the businesses needs and capacity, by staying in tune with the company’s directors and business development manager. 
- Where needed, assisting with producing in the field, on productionsWork closely with the Director to align the creative approach and format of Protectors films with requirements for international broadcasters and platforms.
- Identify new funding and distribution opportunities for Protectors. 
- Develop, launch and manage impact campaigns for each Protectors episode. 
- Work with the Director to develop proposals to funding partners.

Skills and Experience Required

- Experience Producing unscripted independent films for international audiences.
- The ideal candidate has proven experience with raising funding and distribution partners via digital platforms or broadcast networks.
- A passionate advocate for the environment, local communities, diverse cultures, climate adaptation and mitigation, and enhancing biodiversity. 
- Organised Excellent time management skillsAbility to work autonomously Great writing and communication skills.
- Experience managing productions and logisticsExperience coordinating teams.
- Experience writing proposals for film grants, pitch competitions or external investors.
- Research abilities 
- Proven experience creating film budgets for external funders or clients  Good with people, working across cultures and borders 

Click here to apply if you think this sounds like you and you’re keen to join a small and growing team who are dedicated to creating impactful films for people and the planet throughout Africa. 

Wild regards,
Team ReWild Africa

(2) Full Time Editor

With 4 years of experience on Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects; an ability to create a strong narrative with interview footage; comfortably work with high volumes of content; and an overall sense of professionalism. We are looking for someone with a pure interest & passion in telling stories that showcase solutions to creating a world that is more conducive to life. Tertiary education isn't required, practical experience is what we deem more valuable.

If you are interested in joining our ecosystem, please send your CV and references to

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