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Learn Biomimicry: Foundational Online Courses

Learn how to create innovative solutions inspired by nature’s time-tested strategies. Embark on a biomimicry learning journey, starting with 3 online Foundational Courses, and progress to putting biomimicry into practice within your own personal context, with a professionally mentored Biomimicry Practitioner programme

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Approximately 5 hours per module, recommended 1-2 weeks
Learn Biomimicry

Course Information

Introduction to Biomimicry

This is an introduction to the key elements of biomimicry. In this section, you'll learn: Why we practice biomimicry, What it is, How we practice it & Who can (and already does) use it.

Biomimicry Life's Principles

This is about the deep design lessons – patterns and principles – from nature that we use as a Model for innovative strategies, as a Measure for sustainability, and as a Mentor for regenerative & resilient design.

Biomimicry Masterclass

This Masterclass explores what the world could look like if we applied Biomimicry Thinking to the design of our world at a systems level. You'll learn the application of the best of Biomimicry Thinking with Systems Thinking and Design Thinking, to intentionally evolve solutions to some of the world’s systemic problems.

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