Biomimicry Immersion 2021 - Course One of Three

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Biomimicry Immersion 2021 - Course One of Three
Guided Experience

Biomimicry Immersion 2021 - Course One of Three

Biomimicry Principles & Practice Workshop

Feb 19, 2021
February 21, 2021
19 February 2021 (Option to arrive morning of the 20th)
Two Day Expedition
Wild Spirit Lodge, Nature’s Valley, Garden Route, WC, South Africa
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Expedition Information

This 2-day introductory workshop is great for reconnecting with nature, and inspiring you to see the challenges we face in our daily professional and personal lives in a different way. By learning from nature, we have access to a world of limitless inspiration, as well as a new framework with which we can redesign our products, processes and systems. In this workshop, we focus on learning the practical methodology and tools for designing a sustainable (and thriving!) world, based on nature's genius. Biomimicry is multidisciplinary, so you don't need a background in biology to attend – everyone is welcome! The workshop will be lead by Biomimicry Professional: Claire Janisch with assistance from other local biomimicry practitioners and nature guides as necessary (depending on the size of the group).

What Does It Include?

(1) Although this workshop is open to anyone new to biomimicry, it is most valuable as a complementary and supportive practical experience related to the content of the LEARN BIOMIMICRY ONLINE COURSES (Introduction to Biomimicry & Life’s Principles) (2) An introduction to biomimicry – the what and why of biomimicry (3) The core elements of biomimicry – emulate, ethos, (re)connect experienced (4) The different levels of biomimicry – form, process and system understood and applied (5) Case studies illustrating how biomimicry could transform our world (6) The basic tools and skills of biomimicry thinking and practice - practical experience in applying these (7) Exercises and activities to practice some core components of the biomimicry thinking methodology (8) An overview of local projects illustrating biomimicry in practice (9) An opportunity to work on mini design challenges relevant to your field of work/interest (10) An introduction to biomimicry Life’s Principles- the repeated principles and strategies found in all organisms and ecosystems that can be applied to innovation, sustainability & resilience. Truly transformative. (11) Exploring life’s principles in nature to understand their origin (12) Applying life’s principles to a relevant design challenge (13) Networking with fellow inspired biomimics (14) Links to valuable resources (15) The opportunity to go further and deeper with biomimicry practice by continuing with add-on immersions at same venue over the following week, or later in the year.


Wild Spirit Lodge, Nature’s Valley, Garden Route, WC, South Africa


R2325pp including workshop content, materials & facilitation; nature experiences (guided walks in forest/beach); breakfast, lunch & dinner each and tea/coffee each day (bring your own preferred beverages and snacks); optional daily yoga (7-8am each day). Breakfast is served 8-9am each day. Course starts at 9am. Afternoons are out in nature and may end around 6pm. If you are staying at the venue there are additional options for the group in the evening around a fire such as drumming/stargazing. Cost DOES NOT INCLUDE accommodation at the venue. Please book your own accommodation directly through the venue WILD SPIRIT LODGE online. Accommodation options range from R100-R750pp per day depending on your preferences.

Immersion Description

Please join us in the exquisite beauty of Nature’s Valley in the Garden Route of South Africa, for a 2-day biomimicry workshop with a focus on practical experience in biomimicry. This workshop is a practical introduction to biomimicry and biomimicry life’s principles and can be a stand-alone experience or the beginning of a 6-9 day in-depth Biomimicry Applied Immersion.

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