Biomimicry Immersion 2021 - Course Three of Three

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Biomimicry Immersion 2021 - Course Three of Three
Guided Experience

Biomimicry Immersion 2021 - Course Three of Three

Biomimicry Regenerative & Health Immersion

Feb 26, 2021
February 28, 2021
26 February 2021
Three Day Expedition
Wild Spirit Lodge, Nature’s Valley, Garden Route, WC, South Africa
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Expedition Information

Join this 3-day immersion to explore how to “create conditions conducive to life” within our own bodies through a deep understanding of how nature nourishes life. While the focus is on our own health, we will discover how the principles for nourishing life within our own body systems are the same for nourishing life in ecosystems and could inform the design of human systems. This is particularly important for anyone who is concerned about their own health, the state of health in the world post-COVID-19, and the state of human systems, and our lack of connection to nature. You can join this 3-day immersion on its own, or participate in other biomimicry immersion at the same venue over 9 days. Facilitators: Claire Janisch, Biomimicry Professional, Holistic Health practitioner, Director of BiomimicrySA and TheraphiSA; Vincent Truter, certified Japanese Forest Bathing, Shiatsu and Japanese tea ceremony practitioner.

Areas of Learning/Experience

(1) Observing life’s principles in nature – considering how this wisdom, evolved over millenia, might guide the way we live, work, act within, and design our world. (2) Exploring and experiencing regenerative health through the lens of biomimicry – from a deep understanding of how nature continues to “create conditions conducive to life”, we apply these principles to our own health. (3) Regenerative health practices - from immersion in nature, to Japanese Forest Bathing (lead by Vincent Truter), through life-nourishing food and drinks, through nourishing soil/gut health, to home/body products that nourish life, to holistic health practices and tools including - body work, plasma technologies, and regenerative stem cell applications. (4) Tuning ourselves to our own deeper coherence and connection with nature - choosing from Biofield Tuning, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Chiropractor, Acoustic Sound Therapy, Theraphi, energetic body work, and Kinesiology balances. (5) Slowing down - attuning the senses to nature and self through experiential practices (6) Learning to see, feel, hear and sense all of life - from the smallest microbes to the largest ecosystems and the forces of life that flow through them.


Wild Spirit Lodge, Nature’s Valley, Garden Route, WC, South Africa


R2905pp, not including accommodation (as many will be attending from the local area). You can book your accommodation separately at Wild Spirit Lodge through their website. They can also provide a delicious healthy breakfast and dinner for you each day at R160pp/day. Cost includes all learning content and materials and facilitation, 3 holistic healing sessions per person (choosing from Kinesiology, Biofield Tuning, Shiatsu, Plasma health, Access Bars, Theraphi, and sound bed treatments) as well as Japanese Forest Bathing, nourishing lunches and beverages, plasma and soil/gut health products (that you make during the learning processes), outdoor nature immersion experiences including forest walks/optional swims in waterfalls/rivers/ocean, and facilitation.

Immersion Description

Join BiomimicrySA and Forest Therapy Africa for this transformational experience. Exploring and experiencing the practice of regenerative health through the lens of biomimicry. Regenerative: the term "regenerative" describes processes that restore, renew or revitalise their own sources of energy and materials. Health: The condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially: freedom from physical disease or pain.

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