Biomimicry Immersion 2021 - Course Two of Three

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Biomimicry Immersion 2021 - Course Two of Three
Guided Experience

Biomimicry Immersion 2021 - Course Two of Three

Biomimicry Applied: Regenerative Living

Feb 22, 2021
February 25, 2021
22 February 2021
Four Day Expedition
Wild Spirit Lodge, Nature’s Valley, Garden Route, WC, South Africa
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Immersion Description

4 days of biomimicry applied to the transformative design of our homes, communities, and society towards a regenerative and resilient future for all of life (the most important design challenges of our time).

Expedition Information

Join us for a few days of exploring and creating what Charles Eisenstein calls ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible’ through the lens of biomimicry. In this biomimicry immersion within the exquisite beauty of Nature’s Valley (Garden Route of South Africa), you’ll learn the principles and practicality of biomimicry and how to apply these to the design of your home, your life, community, society, economics, organisations, leadership, politics and more. Your biomimicry facilitator will be Claire Janisch: Biomimicry Professional and Director of BiomimicrySA, and holistic health practitioner. Your guide through the local nature experiences will be Sean Pritchard. Jenny Lawerence, founder and custodian of the sacred land of Khoinania, home to Wild Spirit, will welcome all by sharing her story of how Wild Spirit came into being through a chance encounter in 1977.

Who is this Workshop for?

The curious, the visionaries, the pioneers. Those who believe in designing a regenerative, resilient future, inspired by the wisdom and genius of nature. Anyone who feels that we should be improving the way we design our products, processes and especially our systems to transform our world. Those who thirst for a more sustainable (regenerative and resilient) world. And anyone who is keen to learn from the most experienced teacher out there – nature. This workshop is for individuals, organisations, professionals, students, and even families (not suitable for kids <12yrs old). No previous knowledge is necessary. Biomimicry is most relevant for the designers of our world and is typically applied in the following disciplines: design, innovation, engineering, business and biology/ecology but this workshop is applicable to anyone interested in shifting their homes, communities and society at large towards a more regenerative and resilient future. Note if you have completed an introductory or life’s principles workshop before, you do not need to attend the first 2-days (20-21 Feb), and can join from 22nd Feb onwards.


Wild Spirit Lodge, Nature’s Valley, Garden Route, WC, South Africa


R4650pp (excl. accommodation). Accommodation can be booked separately directly with Wild Spirit Lodge through their website. Options range from double en-suite rooms, to safari tents and even dormitories. Costs range from R100pp per night to R750 pp per night. Workshop costs include: all education content including workshop materials, practical experience activities, daily nature experiences (at local forest, beach and rivers), daily yoga/meditation, breakfast, lunch and dinner each full day (bring your preferred snacks for between meal times), and tea/coffee (other beverages are available for purchase, or bring your own personal beverages of choice).

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