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Emotion is the map - Information is the path - Film is the destination

why us?

Harnessing the power of film, we bring unique stories to life to engage and connect the world with the mission of our clients. Through a user-centered design process we offer end-to-end solutions that bring the vision of your brand to life.

Brand & Values

We creatively and impactfully communicate what your business does, what you stand for and the positive impact you create.

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Preserve Botanica - Adelphi & SEED

& Innovation

Through compelling visuals and narratives, we simplify complex content to encourage engagement and effective action.

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Navigating Water Scarcity - BBC StoryWorks & Swarovski Foundation

We began our journey with research films when our founder, Sam, turned his thesis into a documentary thesis.

This resulted in turning possibly 4 readers into 4000+ viewers


& Research

​Through film we simplify complex subjects by blending emotion and facts to educate and inspire audiences to connect with important information.

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The Ugandan hospital tackling childhood cancer - BBC Storyworks

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We’d love to help you tell your story to the world, get in touch today and let’s make the world a better place.

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