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Farming for the Future
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Often we look to policies to change the way the world works, but it is now business which we need to look toward to being the most innovative and driving change. South Africa's most pressing environmental challenges are water scarcity, invasive species management and soil erosion. Through a holistic and scientific farming approach, Woolworths, in collaboration with their farmers addresses these complex issues with the Farming For The Future program. This company led initiative’s goal is to “radically improve soil and plant health, preserve resources like water and soil and protect biodiversity”, and forms part of Woolworths Good Business Journey.

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The Goal

ReWild collaborated with WWF and Woolworths to showcase this revolutionary approach to commercial farming, and celebrate 10 years of continuous improvement. ReWild was tasked with communicating the ‘why’ or reason for the existence of Farming for the Future, and showcase the problems and challenges of what this project is aiming to solve. It is important for the consumer to be connected to their food, and it was ReWild’s responsibility to create a strong and informed connection between the viewer and the label of Farming for the Future. Not only were we focusing on the consumer, but we were briefed to encourage the farmers in South Africa to take on sustainable practices, by applying to join Farming for the Future.

The Experience

We pay homage to the hard work and dedication of South Africa’s farmers; and the blood, sweat, tears and challenges that they face on a day to day.

The Role

Produced, Filmed & Edited by ReWild.

The Outcome

The 3 videos that ReWild created for the Farming for the Future programme is spreading a message on the importance of sustainable farming practices in Southern Africa and how a consumer as well as a farmer could get involved.

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