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KAYA aims to develop ecosystem conservation projects, providing quality returns for investors while accelerating global climate change mitigation efforts. Their mission is to break down the barriers obstructing developing countries from scaling up their ecosystem conservation projects, fostering a new era of accessibility and development of restoration & conservation based projects. Africa is one of the world’s most climate-vulnerable continents and currently receives only 3% of sustainable investment flows. This could result in a critical setback for environmental conservation efforts and hinder the ability to address pressing climate challenges effectively. This lack of financial support may lead to increased environmental degradation, diminished biodiversity, and heightened vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, ultimately jeopardising the continent's long-term ecological and socio-economic resilience. KAYA’s action-oriented approach intends to mobilise green financial investment, particularly in Africa. And to help the private sector in meeting their climate action targets.

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The Goal

KAYA plans to mobilise financial investments for large-scale ecosystem restoration and conservation projects. This has the potential to address environmental challenges on a global scale. Ensuring the preservation of biodiversity, natural resources, and environmental stability for current and future generations. Investing in ecosystem restoration and conservation projects helps create a healthy environment that can better withstand and recover from environmental challenges and changes.

The Experience

It is crucial that we preserve land and protect natural habitats and biodiversity, to ensure the survival of numerous plant and animal species. Additionally, land preservation safeguards vital ecosystems, supports sustainable agriculture, and helps combat climate change by capturing carbon and maintaining ecological balance. Clean air, water and healthy soil is foundational for the resilience of any community. It is essential that we begin to build these regenerative cultures whose values are seen land as less of a commodity belonging to us, rather a home which we share and treat with love and respect.

The Role

KAYA aims to bridge the accountability and climate justice gap between private sector emitters and developing regions by employing a science-based approach to help governments and businesses mitigate climate change and promote regional economic growth. Through their initiatives, businesses can meet climate action targets by contributing to global carbon reductions through nature restoration.

The Outcome

KAYA's projects aim to decrease emissions originating from land use, preserving biodiversity, and generating positive social outcomes.Including the establishment of employment opportunities for the local community and the development of essential infrastructure for better quality of life. Achieving this with the involvement of local communities is the key component for this long term vision.

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