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Nsasani Trust
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The Nsasani Trust is an educational non-profit organisation that is dedicated to the empowerment of South Africans through holistic education and training programs. Its objective is to foster a generation of conscious leaders who are capable of building a better future for South Africa, in the face of complex social and environmental challenges including biodiversity management for conservation.

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The Goal

ReWild Africa was tasked to develop a film that helped to showcase the transformational experience that an individual undergoes when encountering the Kruger National Park for the first time. Through creating these deep experiences, the aim is to empower these individuals to be future leaders in conservation science.

The Experience

Walking into the Nsasani Trust is like walking into the future of education. Rewild Africa was not only warmly welcomed, but actively invited to participate in the community. There exists a huge diversity of students at the Skukuza Science Leadership Initiative (aka home base), from young high school students to postgraduate learners, to working professionals and PhD lecturers… all working collaboratively and under one (very sustainable and regeneratively designed) roof. The mornings included game drives and ecological studies out in the vast bushveld, and the rest of the day consisted of lectures, learnings, and experiments. A highlight for us was travelling with an all-women leadership camp along the entire distance of the Kruger National Park, from the south right to the very north where we hiked for 3 days in the Mukato Game Reserve bushveld. We slept under the stars and sat around the campfires discussing theories, learnings, and ideas. This will go down as one of the most inspiring projects we have ever been a part of, where working with the heads, hands, and hearts of individuals is what it’s all about. “You can only conserve what you love and you can only love what you know”

The Role

Produced, Filmed & Edited by ReWild Africa.

The Outcome

The production of a short film that showcases the multi-disciplinary approach that the Nsasani Trust uses to positively impact and educate students in the way they interact with nature. It showcases the facts and feelings around the Nsasani Trust’s mission.

This has not been a traditional client-service provider relationship, but one where we both believe in each other's purpose and will now go to lengths to assist each other in achieving our purpose.

Karen Vickers, Nsasani Trust

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