Don't Gas Africa

African civil society fighting fossil fuel dependence, pushing for a sustainable, renewable energy future.
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Don't Gas Africa
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Don't Gas Africa is trying to safeguard Africa from fossil fuel production. Aligned with movements across the continent, actively calling for the cessation of fossil gas and advocates against outdated and dangerous energy systems, striving for a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape in Africa. We have had the privilege to tell some of their story, watch the film here. Directed by ReWilder, Alessandra Squarzon.

The Goal

To spearhead a transformative, community-driven initiative, catalysing swift social, economic, and political changes. Working towards achieving energy democracy by placing renewable energy assets directly in the hands of individuals and communities across Africa.

The Experience

ReWild was involved in producing 'Shifting Power', which is an evocative documentary that delves into the lives of five unique individuals from various regions across Africa. This film intimately portrays their personal stories, interwoven with the relentless challenges and remarkable triumphs they face in combating the climate crisis - a crisis not of their making. Each character in 'Shifting Power' leads us with courage and an unyielding spirit, revealing the profound impact of their efforts in working with and educating their communities. From navigating daily hardships to spearheading grassroots movements, these individuals are not merely survivors but beacons of hope and agents of change.

The Role

Produced, Filmed, Directed & Edited by ReWild Africa. Alessandra Squarzon as director, editor and producer; Tim Jansen Van Vuuren, Frank Papushka and Jigar Ganatra as cinematographers; and Megan May Nelson with a small section of field producing.

The Outcome

A safer future characterised by inclusive access to clean energy. Unity among Africa's leaders urging them to champion a collective voice advocating for a swift transition to people-centred, clean, and renewable energy. An effort aimed not only to benefit Africa but also to contribute positively to the global energy landscape.

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