Restor - Connecting Restoration Globally

Mapping and hosting restoration movements on a single platform
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Restor - Connecting Restoration Globally

Restor showcases restoration projects through its mapping software, supports the practitioners and communities protecting and restoring nature through data insights, knowledge sharing, access to funding, science, and local advice. We had the privilege of being part of telling some of Restor's story through a platform trailer, meeting practitioners in South Africa, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. Directed by one of our favourite freelancers, Julian Culverhouse.

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The Goal

Restor is seeking the restoration of healthy forests, vibrant grasslands, coastlines, and oceans. Recognising the critical importance of these ecosystems for both communities and the global climate, achieving this through a collaborative approach at scale. Being a catalyst, connecting practitioners and projects to valuable data, funding opportunities, and fostering a sense of community. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge and resources, Restor aims to accelerate the learning curve and collective action towards a more sustainable and resilient environment. Take a look at the platform; even if you aren’t a practitioner, it’s really fun to interact with and it’s such an amazing community-building opportunity to connect with and be inspired by restoration practitioners worldwide! We are so thrilled by this project and we hope you enjoy the film!

The Experience

It takes a global community to support ecological restoration and make it not just a fragmented cause, but a movement across borders, cultures, and continents. Restor is an online mapping software that connects restoration practitioners around the globe, sharing knowledge, resources, data, opportunities, and support. We recently had the opportunity to create their official platform trailer, and along the way we got to film three incredibly diverse projects in South Africa, Ethiopia, and Indonesia.

The Role

Produced, Edited and Directed by ReWild Africa, leveraging on some of our trusted freelancers. Julian Culverhouse being director, cinematographer, and editor; Gareth Williams and Luke Nelson playing a role in some of the cinematpraphy.

The Outcome

Uniting for positive change, a worldwide network of contributors collaborates seamlessly to propel the restoration movement forward. Restor serves as the hub, bringing these dynamic projects and organisations together to facilitate the seamless exchange of critical data, funding, and invaluable local knowledge. Through this unified effort, Restor empowers the global community to make a lasting impact on the journey towards restoration.

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