The Sun Exchange

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The Sun Exchange
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The Sun Exchange mission is simple – to connect the world to the sun. They are the world’s first buy-to-lease marketplace for solar cells. The innovative financial tools they have developed allows them to bring a global community together to drive sustainable energy development and make the environmental, social and economic benefits of solar power accessible and affordable for all.

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The Goal

ReWild’s goal is to support Sun Exchange’s mission of connecting the world to the sun. In order to do so, ReWild develops a wide range of film content for Sun Exchange, ranging from FAQ videos, explainers and weekly community updates right through to mini documentary style pieces.

The Experience

Telling Sun Exchange’s story has seen ReWild travel across South Africa and the world, meeting with stakeholders across the renewable energy and blockchain sectors. These experiences have shown us first-hand how technology and the power of the crowd can result in change within the world.

The Role

Produced, Filmed & Edited by ReWild.

The Outcome

Our long-standing relationship with Sun Exchange has seen us create in excess of 50 films across a variety of subject matters and purposes for this award-winning Cape Town-based company. We have worked on a range of subjects and formats, from one-offs like promoting their initial coin offering and exploring rural electrification in Kenya, to more regular content pieces that promote each of their individual solar cell crowdsales. Each film holds a high production value and is carefully crafted for pinpoint purposes. Sun Exchange has seen great success in many of the films created – a clear indicator of this is the high engagement rates seen on social platforms and the ±75% viewer retention on their crowd sale videos.

“ReWild continues to amaze us with their ability to communicate our disruptive story, in a way which connects with both head and heart.”

The Sun Exchange

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